It Will Always Look Great

Artificial grass can withstand almost all weather conditions, hot or cold. It will remain green and closely resemble a real lawn. Even the areas of the lawn that get the most dirt will only require very minimal effort to keep it looking new.

No Fertilizers or Pesticides

Unlike real grass, artificial lawns stay looking green and lush without any chemical help. And because the material does not provide food or living area for bugs, pest problems are virtually eliminated. The lack of pesticides and fertilizers are good for the environment as well. Plus, it’s saving you more money

It Is Kid Friendly

Because artificial grass does not need weed killers, fertilizers, pesticides or any other chemicals, they are safe for any child to play on. Many cities are opting to use artificial lawns in place of natural grass in public spaces for this reason.

No Need to Mow

With an artificial turf, no mower will ever be needed. Artificial grass will never grow, so spend all of your extra time relaxing on your lawn with friends, family, and pets.

Never Deal with Weeds Again

This is one of the largest problems with a natural lawn. There are so many types of weeds that creep into a natural lawn. It takes up so much time and money, but with an artificial lawn, weeds won’t be a problem. You may still need to pull them from time to time, but they are far less prevalent when you have an artificial lawn.

No Need to Water

The only time that artificial grass/turf needs water is when it is time to clean it—which is only occasionally. When cleaning, you will need to hose the blades off with a short burst of water to get rid of the dirt. 

Low Maintenance

Though you won’t ever need to mow, you will still need to maintain your artificial lawn. You can remove large organic materials using a leaf blower, while a natural bristle broom can fluff areas that get a lot of dirt. The only time that it will need water is when tough debris will need to be cleared. If you don’t own a dog, then this might not even be a regular cleaning method.

Durability & Longevity

Once your artificial grass has been successfully installed, you can forget about tiring upkeep. It will withstand wear and tear for 10 years. The materials that are used in its manufacturing are made with withstand traffic, all kinds of climates, and weather changes. It won’t even lose its color because of ultraviolet ray exposure—the fibers are made stable against it.