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Sport Flooring

Artificial Grass for sports & landscaping

  • For Tennis court
  • For football pitch
  • For running tracks
  • Hockey etc.

Trusted by 300+ Customers

Wherever there’s need Bethelmendels artificial grass delivers.


Welcome to BethelMendels Group. We are Nigeria’s Number one major importer of artificial/synthetic grass/turf and Quality Artificial Plants/Flowers.

We are professionals with over 15years in the business of designing and installing artificial grass for a cross section of corporate and individual clients spread across Nigeria and West Africa Sub-region. We handle the design and installation of artificial grass and putting greens for Soccer pitch, Golf course, Basketball, Hockey, Lawn and walkways, Gardens, Pool sides, Play areas etc. for Schools, Estates, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, offices, Homes and Residential, Airfield and many more. BethelMendels Grass/ Turf combines the benefits of natural turf with optimum playing comfort and maximum safety; it is resistant to difficult climatic changes and offers improved and consistent playing conditions and longer playing hours.


Residential & Commercial – Lawns Enjoy your garden every single day of the year with artificial grass.

Our products are made from premium materials that ensure durability, resilience, and safety, and are suitable for a wide range of sports activities.

Artificial Grass Guarantte

It is designed to withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions, making it suitable for sports like soccer, football, rugby, and tennis etc.

PVS sport flooring, made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is a highly durable and versatile type of flooring specifically designed for sports facilities.

Artificial Grass
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Sport Flooring

Artificial Grass Football Pitch

Artificial Grass For Football Fields

Artificial Grass For Running Tracks

Artificial Grass For Running Tracks

Hockey Field

Artificial Grass For Hockey Field

Artificial Grass For Lawn Tennis

Artificial Grass For Lawn Tennis

Artificial Grass for indoor facilities

Artificial Grass For Indoor Facilities

Artificial Grass For Baseball Field

Artificial Grass For Base Ball

Basket Ball Field

Basket Ball Court

Pickel Ball Court

Pickel Ball Court

Artificial Grass For Cricket Field


We offer our clients the opportunity to Hire/Rent our artificial grass for an event (Red carpet, in and outdoor parties.) Artificial Grass is an ideal surface for exhibitions, events, parties and more.

Client We Have Worked With

Azemobor Gregory Foundation is the corporate social responsibility arm of BethelMendels Group of companies. As a business entity, we are not only driven by the quest to create value for profitability, we are also being guided by the moral conviction to add value to the lives of the people within our community.
Right from the inception of our great company, service to humanity has been the core philosophy that shaped our corporate culture, business activities and our relationship with our customers and the general public.
Since 2007, we have undertaken various humanitarian projects that have greatly impacted on thousands of lives in Nigeria especially the poor and the vulnerable ( widows, poor women, unemployed youths, indigent kids, street children etc).
We are on a mission to propagate the virtue of love, inspire the good in humanity and help to create a world where no one live in Lack.
Together we can make the world a better place!

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