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Can I Install Fake Grass on Natural Grass

Now that synthetic lawns are becoming more popular as a landscaping option, there are a lot of people hiring professionals to complete their projects. We have also noticed that looking to save time or money are starting to look for ways to cut a few corners during the installation process.

We understand why someone might want to install fake grass on top of their natural grass. After all, this completely avoids the process of removing your current lawn and cuts out almost all of the ground preparation you would normally do before artificial grass installation. By skipping these two steps, you can save time and money, start enjoying your new lawn sooner.

Can artificial grass be installed on real grass?

The answer to that is, yes, it is possible to lay fake grass right on your existing lawn. Yet, this does not mean that it is a good idea or that you will ultimately be satisfied with the outcome. 

Advantages of Installing Fake Grass Over Real Grass

  • You do not have to take the time or spend the money to prepare the ground before installing your artificial grass.
  • You do not have to take the time or spend the money to remove your existing lawn.

Problems with Installing Fake Grass on Top of Natural Grass

  • You will most likely have drainage problems if you do not properly prepare the ground beneath your new lawn.
  • Installing fake grass over natural grass without proper ground preparations can lead to a higher chance of grass or weeds growing up through the artificial grass backing.
  • Unless your existing lawn was professionally installed with proper ground preparation – likely, the ground is already uneven, which means your new lawn will also be uneven.
  • Most of your old lawn is going to die once it is covered with the fake grass, some of it is going to try to survive and find its way through the backing material, and all of it is going to compact as you use your new lawn. This is going to lead to an uneven surface, which can result in increased tripping hazards and a lawn that is less visually appealing.
  • An artificial grass lawn that is not properly installed will not perform at the same level as properly installed synthetic turf, and it is not expected to last as long.