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How to Clean and Maintain Your Rattan/Wicker Furniture

Rattan is an aesthetic, lightweight, and durable material for furniture. It’s also Eco-friendly. Whether you choose to display your rattan indoors or outdoors, following these steps will keep your rattan clean and in good repair.

Things you’ll need:

  Dishwashing detergent


  Soft cloth



  Boiled linseed oil




Fill a bowl with water. Add a few drops of dish detergent and stir to agitate until bubbles form on the surface.


Dip a soft cloth into the bubbles only, not into the water.


Wipe the rattan with the bubbles. The slight moisture cleans without over-wetting the rattan, which can cause damage.


Use a toothbrush or other soft brush to clean in the cracks and crevices, using the same suds-only cleaning method.


Repeat weekly for best results.

How long does rattan furniture last?

Synthetic rattan furniture can last as much as 20 years outdoors, even if left out in harsh weather conditions. This is based on whether the furniture is made from strong aluminium or plastic frames. And also, if the weave is strong and covered in a UV protective coat.

Additional Information

To restore dry, cracked, or split rattan, apply boiled linseed oil with a brush. When the furniture won’t absorb any more oil, wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Allow it to dry or harden before using the rattan again.

For a thorough cleaning or to remove stains, apply detergent and scrub with slightly more water than you do for routine cleaning. As soon as you’re done, dry the rattan with a hot hair dryer or set it out in the sun. Once the rattan has dried completely, apply a coat of lacquer with a paintbrush to provide added protection if desired. Repeat annually.