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How to Protect your Outdoor Fake Plants

Faux or Artificial plants are vulnerable during extreme weather occurrences. You should try to protect your artificial plants by moving them to a sheltered area. If the plants cannot be moved, covering them or adding additional support should also help.

here are some measures you can take to protect your faux plants.

Choose the right faux plant

Picking out the right plant from the off is pivotal. Choosing a fake outdoor plant generally means it is UV-rays protected and designed to withstand normal weather.


When potting your artificial plant, it’s important to consider rainfall and how it’s going to escape the pot. Most outdoor pots have drillable drainage holes. We strongly recommend you do this.

If planting the faux plant into the ground, place some stones or sand in the ground first to aid drainage around the base of the plant.

Severe weather conditions

Although outdoor faux plants are designed to withstand the weather, there are instants when additional steps should be taken to protect the faux.

Storms usually bring two major threats to your artificial plants; strong winds and heavy rain.

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Rain is not usually a problem, however, if there is a lot of it in a short space of time, the ground and plant pots become waterlogged.

Strong winds can also cause faux plants and trees to topple over. This can result in stem snapping and foliage getting damaged.

The best course of action is to move artificial plants out of harm’s way. If the plant cannot be moved, consider reinforcing it with supports or tying them to a nearby structure.

Utilizing UV-ray Sprays

Some retailers advise and offer UV protection sprays for foliage. At this point, we haven’t tested these sprays so we cannot recommend them.

The main issue with sprays is that it’s hard to cover 100% of the plant. If any is missed it could result in bits of the plant degrading rapidly.

Contrast this with our inherently UV stable outdoor plants, which have the UV protecting chemical added during the manufacturing process. This ensures an even amount of protection throughout the plant.

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