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How to Stop Weeds From Growing on Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass/Turf Tips: Artificial Grass is a low maintenance landscape alternative that provides you with a perfectly green and pristine lawn through every season.

Though a synthetic grass lawn comes with a long list of benefits, there can be an issue of weed growth.

Being preventative and ensuring your artificial turf installation is done properly is important.

There are some tips to take into account when dealing with those pesky weeds.

Though it is rare for weeds to grow back after having artificial grass installed.

There are always possibilities along the edges of the turf or seams that weren’t properly established where weeds will be more inclined to pop up due to exposure.


Applying Herbicide or any weed killer to the soil is always a good option as a pre-installation step to kill off any existing weeds.

For residences whose yards are not occupied by pets, applying weed fabric underneath your artificial turf lawn is also a great option.

The weed fabric is a weed suppressor that is designed to prevent weeds from creeping their way through your lawn.

Weed fabric isn’t ideal for homes with pets because urine that seeps down into the fabric can cause unpleasant odors.