A Suitable Alternative to Real Grass
Artificial grass provides a great alternative to traditional outdoor surfaces and is becoming increasingly popular across the country. Of course, this should come as no great surprise as the benefits of synthetic turf are clear to see, especially when compared to traditional ground coverings.

Surfaces like tarmac and woodchip, commonly used for children’s play areas and sports grounds, can often be both unsafe and impractical for use. Similarly, natural grass quickly becomes muddy or slippery when wet, leading to an increased risk of accidents. As well as this, the wet and muddy surface of real grass can be transferred from outside to inside the classroom, leaving members of staff to clean up endless muddy footprints.

During sports games and outdoor events, players will find themselves with a soft, cushioned landing in the event of a trip or fall, helping to reduce the risk of injury. Similarly, you needn’t worry about high traffic having a negative impact on the surface – our artificial grass is highly durable, tough and flexible, ensuring that you get the maximum amount possible from your purchase.