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I want you to count yourself VERY lucky to have stumbled upon our advert and on this website, because this opportunity I am about to unveil to you, will radically change your financial life forever.

I know in the past, you must have come across various money making opportunities of how to start one form of business or the other; you have bought countless E-books on money making opportunities; you have even attended numerous empowerment seminars. But the irony is that you are still IDLE and STAGNANT– doing nothing!

Your reason:

“ I don’t have enough capital to start any of the businesses”

And so you are waiting for the “TIME” when you will have “enough capital” to start that business of your dream.

The bitter truth is this:

You may NEVER have enough money to start any business; and if you are waiting to have “enough money” to start a business, you will NEVER start any business


Now I am going to show you in a moment how you can become an independent marketer supplying ARTIFICIAL GRASS to
Schools, Estates, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, offices, Homes and Residential, Airfield and many more. The good thing about this business is that you do not need MONEY to run the business. May be I should first introduce our company and what we do to you

BethelMendels  is Nigeria’s Number one major importer of artificial/synthetic grass/turf. We are professionals with over 15years in the business of designing and installing artificial grass for a cross section of corporate and individual clients spread across Nigeria and West Africa Sub-region.

We handle the design and installation of artificial grass and putting greens for Soccer pitch, Golf course, Basketball, Hockey, Lawn and walkways, Gardens, Pool sides, Play areas etc. for Schools, Estates, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, offices, Homes and Residential, Airfield and many more.

BethelMendels Grass/ Turf combines the benefits of natural turf with optimum playing comfort and maximum safety; it is resistant to difficult climatic changes and offers improved and consistent playing conditions and longer playing hours. We use our artificial turfs and cutting-edge technologies to offer environmental aesthetics. All our grasses come with 8-10 years warranty

With our artificial grass, there is NO MOWING, NO FERTILIZING, NO WATERING, NO PRUNING, LITTLE MAINTENANCE all year round.

As an organization that is interested in empowering people financially, we have worked closely with a number of marketer, who in the process have made millions of naira as commission doing our business.

Please find below our contact details

BethelMendels Int’l Ltd 27 Atunike Olabanji Street,Off John Olugbo street, Off Unity Road, Ikeja Tel: 08033264815, 08036911296, 07065804088


We all want to make life easier for ourselves, particularly when it comes to maintaining our home. There are countless benefits to having artificial grass installed in your garden.
The best part of switching to artificial grass? Your children can play all day on the grass and not get muddy; pets don’t leave unsightly stains marked when they go to the toilet; your gardener can retire because you never need to mow the lawn.

The market potential for artificial grass in Nigeria is so huge when you consider the number of houses for both residential and office use. Many Hotels, schools, hospitals use artificial grass as well. And also considering the fact that people are switching from the use of tiles, casting to artificial grass; not to talk about the number of new houses that are springing up every day. This business is just so amazing! This business can turn around your financial fortune in a jiffy! Trust me.


An independent Marketer is one who links the company to a buyer of the artificial grass and earns sales commission.

You can start with zero capital, no stringent condition to get started. You have a good profit margin. You don’t need an office space to get started; you can operate from the comfort of your home.
You do not need money to buy and stock the items( refer a client to us and make a commission)
• You do not need a long period of training and apprenticeship to grab the basic skills of this business- You only some vital information to how the trade works( I will provide the information you need)

you make N200/sqm commission multiply by the total square meter.

let assume if you sell 1000sqm ( 20 roll) in a month
200/sqm x 1000sqm (sold) = N200,000

Wow! What a lucrative business!

“HOW I MADE 500k as a Marketer Reselling Artificial Grass” – Mr Shaka Abudu

Let me share this testimony with you of how this business has transformed the financial lives of many people

Mr Shaka Abudu, stumbled on our advert on the internet six months ago. He called me and said he would be interested in becoming a marketer. He came to our office, registered and he got all the Free sample and support.

Exactly , a month after his registration, he called me and said that he had gotten a company in Lagos that was interested in buying the artificial grass. And that they wanted him to supply 135sqm. we did the supply and gave he his commission N27,000. with the money he made i advice him to print banner and fliers and place it strategic location and also to horticulturist, schools, hotels, event centre etc.

within October and December he made close to 1million commission reselling artificial grass
On a monthly basis, he makes between N300,000-N400,000 from selling artificial grass

You can reach Mr Shaka on his phone 08188517212 to share his personal experience/ advice with you..
we also have Mr Timothy making sales at Osun State and many more in other state

Join our independent marketing programme and reap the following benefits for your landscaping business:•
• Reassurance for your customers
• Project support and back up
• Marketing support
• Rewards programme & exclusive discount
. FREE SAMPLE and Price list

CLICK HEREhttps://www.bethelmendelsartificialgrass.com/?page_id=629