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Decorating walls with artificial grass

Decorating walls with artificial grass: Have you ever thought of putting an artificial grass carpet in your home? A common sight in football stadiums and miniature golf courses, grass turf carpets are making their way into homes and offices.

But their use isn’t limited to just the floor – one of the new trends in both home and office décor involves creating green walls with artificial grass.

Why Grass Rug Walls?

The thought of hanging fake grass rugs on a wall may seem a bit unusual for some; however, it can be the perfect accessory for many. Maybe you’re a sports fan who wants to create a stadium-like feel to your room, or wherever you watch your favorite sports. Or, you may be someone with a complex sense of style, looking to make your home stand out with something unexpected.

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this feature. But the use of artificial grass walls is hardly limited to the home; they also fit right in at the office or any business.

Tired of looking at plain white walls? An artificial grass wall adds a splash of bright green at the workplace to shake things up.

Consider the health benefits of having a life-like panel of fake grass on the walls. For one, the color green has a calming effect and can bring a sense of renewal.

When presented through a realistic grass-like form, it can provide the restorative sense of being outside. As such, it is the perfect way to create a relaxing room in your home or to promote a more prolific workplace.