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For property owners, the cost of ongoing lawn and landscape maintenance is a major budget item. You’re always on the lookout for any way you can trim those expenses. But why think small when you can take care of the problem once and for all? The easiest way to cut lawn maintenance costs is to cut out that budget line altogether. How? By switching to artificial grass.
You’ll save money, relieve headaches, and get better results because artificial grass beats natural grass in every way. That’s what we call effective property management.

Artificial grass cuts direct costs
Lawn maintenance isn’t really just one line on your budget, it’s an entire list of expenses. You have to pay for:

Equipment such as mowers, blowers, trimmers, etc. plus gas and oil to run the machines and the cost of tune-ups and repairs
Supplies such as fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, and new sod for repairs or replacement
Water – oh, yeah, lots and lots of water
Labor to operate and care for all that machinery
Every one of these things is a recurring operations expense, almost year round. That includes sod because you can’t afford grass that doesn’t look perfect. Once natural grass starts to look sketchy, it must be replaced. And while reseeding might work to repair small bare spots or other problem areas in residential lawns, it is not practical for commercial properties.

Artificial grass cuts indirect costs
There are hidden costs to natural grass that don’t appear on your budget but can be damaging nonetheless. As already noted, your property has to look pristine. If it doesn’t that can cut into your reputation as a great place to rent, for business or residential tenants. If your property is an event venue, this issue is even more serious. Aesthetics are everything.

Frequent maintenance work associated with natural grass is annoying, too. No matter how hard you try to find some “neutral” day or time to schedule the job, tenants have to listen to hours of noise pollution. Wouldn’t you rather be able to sell your property as the peaceful, quiet alternative?

Instead of costs, artificial grass brings benefits
No, it is not 100% maintenance-free, but it’s close. A quick rinse removes dust in dry times, and if grass in a high-traffic area starts to flatten, that’s easy to correct, too. For a small area, all you need is a stiff-bristle broom to re-fluff the blades.

For large expanses, a power broom can whisk over your lawn in no time. It’s a breeze to remove debris or give your grass a tidy once-over without wasting personnel time. Even better, the power broom is a versatile tool. You can switch attachments to maintain your driveways, parking areas, sidewalks, etc., too. That makes the power broom an excellent investment.

Synthetic grass doesn’t grow, so you’ll can enjoy the same perfect-looking, perfect-height grass day in and day out, year after year. You can also plant it anywhere you want. That means you can use it to relieve landscaping problems such as deep shade, around trees or around the pool, small or odd-shaped sections. Fake grass is dig-proof, too, so you and your tenants will never see another gopher hole or mole mound in the lawn.

Artificial grass is simply more versatile than natural grass. Instead of ongoing operations costs, you get a one-time capital investment that will repay itself (literally) in a few short years. As we said, that’s some pretty effective property management.