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How to decorate your home with artificial plants

There are many reasons why artificial plants are so popular. They’re easy to look after, completely unkillable, and available in a range of interesting species that don’t require specific conditions to thrive. You don’t need to be green-fingered to be an artificial plant parent either, so whether you’re looking to decorate your house with nothing but fake plants, or want to mix some low-maintenance greenery into your existing indoor garden, here’s why we’re fans of faux-liage.

They’re easy to look after

Except for a light clean every so often, artificial plants are extremely low maintenance and don’t require the same care and attention as living plants. They can’t be killed, so you don’t need to worry about the regular watering, feeding and misting that real plants require.

Artificial Plants

They can survive in almost any condition

Living plants require specific conditions to thrive, and these can vary greatly from species to species. Things such as light, humidity and temperature can have a positive or negative effect on a plant’s well being, and it can be hard to control these in a home, especially if you have lots of different plants that all require individual treatment.
Artificial plants don’t require special conditions to look good – the only place you shouldn’t put them is outside or in direct sunlight, as it could damage them.

Artificial Plants

They’re non-toxic and mess-free

Some real plants can be toxic if ingested, which is something you should consider if you live with pets or young children. Using artificial plants may save you a costly trip to the vet, and because they’re not potted with soil and won’t drop their leaves, you don’t have to worry about tidying them up if they’re accidentally knocked over.

They’re always in season

Artificial plants aren’t at the mercy of seasonality like living ones are, and won’t react to changes in temperature or light. As long as they’re well looked after and regularly cleaned, they’ll look good all year round.

Artificial Plants