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How to Waterproof Indoor Artificial Plant

Artificial plants and flowers are great options for those who can’t maintain a real plant. For outdoor decor, it is best to look for artificial plants that intended for outdoor display. These plants, designed with foliage coating, make them waterproof.

So if your artificial plants and flowers are for indoor use, they can be weatherproofed. Any spray fabric protectant manufactured for the patio furniture will work. once the leaves get coated, they will withstand the worst weather change.

Steps to take

  1. First, you dust debris off of the plant. Use a hairdryer set on low, or use a can of compressed air. If you own smaller outdoor plants, fill a large bag with 1/2 cup salt. Then soak the plant in and flap it for about 90 seconds. The salt will absorb all of the loose debris.
  2. Wipe any debris residue off using a cloth dampened with an equal amount solution of white vinegar & water.
  3. Coat the plant’s foliage with a protective layer of fabric spray. Allow the coat to dry and apply a second coat.

Artificial plants can brighten up any room. Although, sometimes it’s even hard to tell the difference between an artificial plant and a real one. get your artificial plant from us

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