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Things to Avoid When Taking Care of Your Artificial Grass

Getting the best from your artificial turf in the long term, there are some important things to consider and keep in mind. Although artificial grass might have many benefits over their natural counterparts, they are not invincible and certain things may cause more damage and problems than you might think.

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Don’t Use a BBQ or Cigarettes on Artificial Grass

While stray coal or piece of debris won’t start a fire, it could still heavily damage the appearance and texture of the lawn’s surface, leaving it in need of repair or possibly even replacement.

This same set of concerns is present around cigarettes and their debris but to a much smaller scale. Cigarette ash can contain ignited embers that could cause your artificial lawn harm, and coals and charcoal from your BBQ can remain hot for long periods after your party has passed. So, if you are planning to host a BBQ, take sensible precautions and make sure your BBQ is set atop a solid, hard-wearing surface.

Don’t Park Your Car Here!

Firstly, cars need oil and oil does not always stay in the place it’s put. Cleaning engine oil off of an artificial lawn is definitely possible, but it is also difficult, time-consuming, and if it is not done quickly, it will leave the turf discolored and stained.

Secondly, although the fibers of an artificial lawn are durable enough to withstand the toughest attacks of children, pets, and the weather, they are not strong enough to withstand the average one and a half tonnes of your car. The traction of your tires will cause serious sheering stress to your lawn’s fibers, pulling them up and leaving your artificial lawn damaged.

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Do Not Install on Top of Natural Grass

Installing artificial grass over a natural lawn will not lead to a simple and easy carefree outdoor space. Instead, the grass underneath will decompose at an uneven and irregular rate, leading to bumps and troughs in the level of what would otherwise be a green and pleasant garden. This is the kind of unsightly mess that no homeowner should have to deal with.

Do Not Use Pesticides

One of the major advantages of an artificial lawn over natural grass is that it does not act as a natural habitat for insects and common garden pests.

If you should come across any insects or pests trying to make their home in your artificial lawn, the best option is to simply hose it down with water. If you do use pesticides, it may be a health risk to people and pets using the lawn as they could breathe in the chemicals if the substance gets caught in the fibers.

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