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New Innovation – Artificial Grass Foot Mat

Bethelmendels artificial grass doormats is a unique and different sets of door mats from the conventional door mats in the market. It is cut down from quality Artificial grass to create a perfect Artificial grass door mats. These artificial grass doormats are superb and really eye catching. It Gives the entrance to your apartment, offices, studios business place etc a green scenery and ambiance. unlike rugs which is regular in most residents.

Benefits Of Artificial Grass doormats includes
– It is Suitable for all resident
– It does not smell,when water pours on it, unlike rug.
– It is durable and Last longer than rugs
– Its absorbs water fast
– It is easy to clean
– It is unique and gives an ambiance to your doorstep or entrance.
– It is resistant to UV rays

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