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Installation Of Artificial Boxwood On The wall At Ojodu

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Artificial Boxwood is a realistic alternative to living hedges. Ideal for disguising existing walls and fencing or providing privacy around swimming pools and terraces.

Using boxwood as a privacy screen provides a similar function as blocking.

Its principal purpose is to create a visual wall so people can’t see you or your possessions. They are typically used on balconies, near the backyard as fence panels, and to screen commercial seating areas i.e restaurants.

Boxwood Plant

How to use Artificial Boxwood

Business Signs: Make your company stand out from the others by framing your business signs with Artificial Boxwood Panels.

Logos: Stand out by adding a decorative sign frame around your company logo. A giant logo on the wall is a staple in receptions areas.

TV Frame: Many businesses hang TVs in their receptions to entertain or provide information while customers wait. These TVs look out of place hanging on bare walls. Nonetheless, you can fix this by using boxwood frames to create some aesthetic texture.

Wall & Fence Extension

If you have a fence that’s a bit too low to provide adequate privacy. Artificial hedges are easy to attach to fences and walls, and are fully customizable so that they provide instant privacy by blocking line of sight at whatever height you desire. And since our faux hedges are innately UV-protected, they will remain lush and green for years on end.

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